Business Strategist. Leadership Consultant. Corporate Trainer. Author. Speaker.

Melanie Ivey is dedicated to helping people awaken and discover their power and purpose in every area of life. She is the founder of the  The Luminescence Group and  Blu Phoenix Designs. The Luminescence group is a training, consulting, and coaching firm that serves organizations, small businesses, and individuals in the areas of leadership, strategy, leadership development, and project management. Blu Phoenix Design provides web design and web development services for clients of all sizes to provide an engaging web and social presence tailored for the brand of the clients.

Melanie’s passion for empowering women in particular to live life unapologetically confident, strong, and passionate about carrying out God-given purpose led to the creation of her movement, Beautifully Made. Beautifully Made is a movement focused education, empowerment, events, and workshops about self-love, self-worth, self-empowerment, and self-development.

Melanie’s products, workshops/training, and coaching programs help people:

  • Make major life changes that are exciting and scary at the same time.

  • Be happier and have more fun, even when life seems routine..

  • Become strong leaders, navigate office politics, and achieve professional dreams.

  • Navigate setbacks and disappointments in a way that makes life better, not bitter.

  • Speak up with confidence rather than settling for less.

  • Go to sleep at night feeling at peace about decisions.

  • Conquer emotions that cause procrastination, emotional spending, and self-sabotage.

My Life's Mission is to Awaken Your Passion and Purpose Through an Energized Discovery of Your Authenticity.

Melanie knows what it feels like to endure life’s challenges and have dreams deferred. And she understands the power of being resilient and tenacious in the face of such situations. In the winter of 2012, she had an epiphany that confirmed her life purpose:  To inspire others to live more fulfilling lives. Her passion for empowerment and continued education has led her to write books, develop workshops, programs, and speak to various audiences. Her sought after book, Beauty For Ashes: The Journey from Brokenness to Wholeness, has led many women to forgive themselves and heal the inner brokenness caused from past circumstances and life experiences.

Let Melanie help you get awaken and discover your power and purpose!